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How long have you been waiting for your sub?

RE: How long have you been waiting for your sub?
(01-13-2019, 08:45 PM)wsauble Wrote: If you can, contact your regional sales manager. That is what I did. I just shot him an email and he got back to me right away. Don't worry you'll get your stuff back. To be honest its never a thought that crossed my mind about theft or building burning down or anything like that. Obviously I have a little faith in them to be holding my cards well and that ill get them all back. This is also my first ever submission with BGS, took me months to decided whom to go with BGS or PSA. My father dealt with PSA and SGC a lot so I talked to him about likes and dislikes about those two but ultimately decided with BGS. Like I said in my earlier post I have no regrets. Do I wish it only would have taken the 6-7 months I was previously told....yeah of course. But right now I'm just happy that they have the cards and that 2018 for me flew by fast.

How do I know who "my" regional sales manager is? They aren't even responding to me via email any more... I legitimately feel like I'm being ignored for even asking what's up with my order.

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RE: How long have you been waiting for your sub? - by Portlis - 01-14-2019, 05:38 AM

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