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How long have you been waiting for your sub?

RE: How long have you been waiting for your sub?
Random thought (mind you just a far fetched paranoid thought, but legitimate none the less):

Say you submit cards and you have some high dollar, extremely rare cards in your submission. Say it's taken in by someone who is leaving or just doesnt care. What if they walk with one of those cards? With over a year wait process, it would be a year before they find out that the card would even be missing. I highly doubt that all our cards are sitting in an actual "vault" with limited access. Especially with the acquisition and addition of CBCS to their facility. It would be a year before they or you notice it's even gone. Would they even have surveillance there to catch the person, and would footage be stored that long? You would just be reimbursed on the value you list, and after a year would you be able to get the same thing (if there is similar available due to limited print runs or one of a kinds) at the same cost? How many people under value their cards to save on return shipping insurance?

This would be a concern for me if my items were sitting in someone else's possession for over a year! This year wait has dragged out for about over 2 years now and is VERY problematic and with no solutions ever in sight. Very sad to see this.

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RE: How long have you been waiting for your sub? - by creativemunky - 01-13-2019, 10:48 AM

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