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When to put in the Commons pile?

RE: When to put in the Commons pile?
(04-21-2017, 12:29 PM)sharkbyte Wrote: $1 to sleeve, $4 to top load.

I separate the rest by more than 7-years, or less. Donate the 'more than', estimating book at around $.15 @ - as you can take full value if you get that value from an industry-accepted price guide.

Less than 7-years, at some point down the road I will flip through again, look for any late bloomers, and then donate those; but they will price out at about $.50-.60 @ with the newer card pricing. To be safe, in case of an audit, I may have to catalog these commons before I donate them, to prove the claimed value.

Also watch that $5k limit on donations. Over $5k you have to get an IRS form signed by the person who accepted your donation. Had to forfeit a couple boxes worth of cards to get back under the $5k threshold.

Thanks for the tax tips. I actually claimed my first card donations this year and was curious at what point the feds would start putting up red flags.

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