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Your 10 Favorite Hockey Cards
05-29-2016, 03:04 AM
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RE: Your 10 Favorite Hockey Cards
OK, this might be stretching things a little, but it will buy me some time to sort out and scan my actual favourite 10 cards.

My proposed sub-title for this post is "My Favourite 10-card Set". I have been thinking about posting this for a while, and this great thread gives me a close-enough reason.

Back when Beckett Hockey used to be a magazine-only format (which would take 2 months to arrive in these shores), there was a regular feature called "Mission Accomplished". It was with great pride - now replaced with embarrassment - that I had a feature published in the August 2005 issue. Enough said, here's the proof:

[Image: Beckett%20August%202005_zpskkl1vpck.jpg]

I've still got them, and no, they never did hang on the wall but are kept in a dark place away from the light - which is why it's taken so long to find them!
[Image: 2003-04%20Magnificent%20Prospects_zpslhu0bq2f.jpg]

I suppose this could start another debate:- how Magnificent were Mario's Prospects? Here's my ratings:

MP1 - Marc-Andre Fleury - Hit (1 Cup....soon to be back-up for a 2nd!)
MP2 - Eric Staal - Hit (member of the Triple Gold Club)
MP3 - Patrice Bergeron - Hit (1 Cup)
MP4 - Michael Ryder - Semi-Hit (1 Cup)
MP5 - Ryan Malone - Hic! (sorry, Hit - one of my favourite Pens of all time, despite being shipped out just before they won the Cup)
MP6 - Tuomo Ruutu - Miss
MP7 - Joffrey Lupul - Miss (despite being the inspiration for the wicked king in Game of Thrones)
MP8 - Jordin Tootoo - Hit (several, very hard ones. No notable achievements, I just like the way he plays)
MP9 - Andrew Raycroft - Miss (Calder winner 2004, but limited shelf life)
MP10 - Nikolai Zherdev - Miss - (someone told Mario he had to include a token Russian*...)

* I know he was born in the Ukraine, but he won 2 WC Golds for Russia.

Always looking for Penguins GU/Autos/Parallels/RCs
PC website: http://www.myollimaattacollection.weebly.com
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05-30-2016, 06:20 PM
Post: #32
RE: Your 10 Favorite Hockey Cards
(05-25-2016 02:56 AM)snobles Wrote:  I like seeing some inserts in the mix here. I actually traded the Yzerman version for the Roy card:

[Image: IMG_0216_zps95933bbe.jpg]

Pulled the Yzerman from a box I bought at Wal-Mart lol

Keep up the great posts.

sweet roy
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06-16-2016, 11:12 AM
Post: #33
RE: Your 10 Favorite Hockey Cards
Lets bump this

Collecting Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Griffey, ARod, Colt McCoy, Drew Brees, Brett Favre, Sidney Crosby, Nathan Mackinnon, Tyler Toffoli and young gun needs
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06-16-2016, 05:12 PM (This post was last modified: 06-16-2016 05:13 PM by johlix.)
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RE: Your 10 Favorite Hockey Cards
My faves, in no particular order. Hope you like Smile

[Image: E1D081D5-6C8B-49F4-9DC8-2C0B425B1A2F_zpsv4fz2orj.jpg]

The Lemieux!!
[Image: 77590A83-579A-4B05-BDC3-D33C9FBCDC82_zpsebfnn03u.jpg]

[Image: 69F07781-9A6B-4B1F-AB39-A3F5874AF616_zps3yee1cj3.jpg]

[Image: 65DE776B-E777-468A-B8C2-2775E78CFFAC_zpsr8wohhzu.jpg]

[Image: 15E3F4B9-F995-4589-9468-472A937C89A4_zpsfaj4ejni.jpg]

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06-17-2016, 09:49 AM
Post: #35
RE: Your 10 Favorite Hockey Cards
Alright, here's 10:

[Image: toewsCupStanleyCupSignatures.jpg]

[Image: bennBDJerseySP_zpsd1bc36ab.jpg]

[Image: toewsDominionTapetoTape_zps34c7747d.jpg]

[Image: macKinnonDominionAutoPatchRCgmmt_zpsaa02a934.jpg]

[Image: crosbyRookieAnthologyEliteInscriptionsgm...aed774.jpg]

[Image: selanneUDPremierAcetateStarsAutoPatchPla...w3yjmt.jpg]

[Image: selanneCupLimitedLogos_zpszp0jvhvq.jpg]

[Image: lemieuxArtifactsHonouredMembersPatchGlov...tnifdt.jpg]

[Image: doughtySPGUSupremePatches_zpsp4rd3dup.jpg]

[Image: toewsArtifactsGoldSpectrumPatchesAuto_zpscqarbz6g.jpg]

[Image: KopitarAnze11Banner.jpg]
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06-19-2016, 09:11 AM
Post: #36
RE: Your 10 Favorite Hockey Cards
Here are my ten, also in no particular order.

My first one has a story to go with it. My son bought a box of Upper Deck and the LCS was having a promotion and gave him 5 packs of Overtime free with his purchase. He decided to give the free packs to me, and the following card is what I pulled. Man was he pissed!

Datsyuk # 2 / 3 Flash of Excellence Auto
[Image: Pavel%20Datsyuk%20Flash%20Of%20Excellenc...srttwk.jpg]

[Image: Joe%20Sakic%20Panini%20Prime%20Auto%20Go...bkifex.jpg]

[Image: Jonathan%20Toews%20SP%20Authentic%20Ltd%...4liqsn.jpg]

Head of the Eagle Patch
[Image: AlexOvechkinautopatch25_zpsea7197e2.jpg]

[Image: BobbyOrrTeamCanadaSPAuto001_zpsdc926a0f.jpg]

[Image: Roymask25.jpg]

[Image: PaulCoffey10.jpg]

Side 1 of 6 way auto
[Image: Russia6AutoTretiakLarionovampBure001_zps0e10b35c.jpg]

Side 2 of 6 way auto
[Image: Russia6AutoDatsyukOvechkinampkhabibulin0...f0bf9e.jpg]

Precious Metals Selanne (1 gram of gold)
[Image: selannegold.jpg]

Like the patch on this
[Image: bergeronbear.jpg]

Thanks for the look.

[Image: titanbanner.gif]
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