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1991 Topps: The $100 Card, Glowing Backs & More

RE: 1991 Topps: The $100 Card, Glowing Backs & More
(08-18-2019, 07:30 PM)jbissell Wrote: Very interesting article! Thank you!

It's a very, VERY interesting and old post from Tanner in 2015, FYI
And always fun to see some of N5K posts get recirculated!
(08-18-2019, 05:33 PM)MisterE1 Wrote: Just bought a box of the 1991 Topps 40years of baseball which seems to be factory sealed at the swap meet... Was wondering if you would suggest leaving it as is or opening up to see if I have any cards worth anything in it?

IMO, probably not much there individually or as a set... as Tanner mentioned .. hugest print run. Maybe some newly elected HOF players in there that might get some interest individually but there are soooooooo many
[Image: Ch4Mt.png]
I guess if I saved used tinfoil and used tea bags instead of old comic books and old baseball cards, the difference between a crazed hoarder and a savvy collector is in that inherent value.

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