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1991 Topps: The $100 Card, Glowing Backs & More

RE: 1991 Topps: The $100 Card, Glowing Backs & More
(11-06-2015, 10:51 AM)waynetalger Wrote: Wow I not sure what to think. I got my black light this morning and I come up with my Nolan Ryans
Card #1 no glow= 27 ( Like the Biggio)
Card #1 glow = 85 (like Dave Rhode)
Card #6 No Glow= 20 (like Dave Rhode)
card #6 glow= 23
card #6 glow =1 (like Nick Esasky)
Box Bottoms N =2 (Like Biggio)

I just had to check. Do you think I am lucky to have so many glows or do you think now the numbers are pretty even ot the no glows are the harder ones to come by. I am not sure what to make of this or did I debunk the scarcity.
I think you just confirmed that the version that glows with the bold logo on the back (i.e. like Nick Esasky card in original post), are indeed much scarcer.
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