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1991 Topps: The $100 Card, Glowing Backs & More

RE: 1991 Topps: The $100 Card, Glowing Backs & More
I had no idea about the glow back variation, but that looks pretty cool. One reason I haven't trashed all my "junk-era" cards is because I know that lots of these variations have been hiding and every so often I hear about another one. What I find funny is that most of these variations only carry a premium to super-collectors because most people haven't taken the time to go through their junk-era cards to see if they have any of these variations. I bet if Beckett published a story about this and some of the other variations or even noted them in their price guide that more people would go through their cards and a lot more would come up for sale listed as variations. The funny thing is that I have 100+ of some cards, so I am sure if I just go through those lots and carefully compare each card that I might find a few variations as well.
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