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Scans of trades so far this month (the highlights)

RE: Scans of trades so far this month (the highlights)
Huge shout outs today to spikeyx (Russell), magneto (Brandon), ESA0315 (Excelso), somemauerfan7 (Silas), Franciscomarina (Francisco) and Greek Gooney (George) for all the Mets help and other trades. Special thanks to Magneto for the sweet extras and spikeyx for throwing in a really nice Sano prospect auto. Also, got a really nice dual from a new trader, somemauerfan7. Thank you gentlemen!
[Image: IMG_20160509_164210_zpsifjvzler.jpg][Image: IMG_20160509_164114_zpsbaee5uiv.jpg][Image: IMG_20160509_163953_zpsbrphtgkd.jpg][Image: IMG_20160509_163932_zpstqhmimdg.jpg][Image: IMG_20160509_163825_zps5nemz3a8.jpg][Image: IMG_20160509_163748_zpsrhrhemoo.jpg][Image: IMG_20160509_163723_zpsssyqiapn.jpg][Image: IMG_20160509_163704_zpsaxu89nui.jpg][Image: IMG_20160509_163429_zpscmg8o8sl.jpg][Image: IMG_20160509_163258_zpsszgyxzcn.jpg][Image: IMG_20160509_163218_zpsk6kk8aj2.jpg][Image: IMG_20160509_163107_zpslsp8sfuc.jpg][Image: IMG_20160509_163003_zpss1xvt46j.jpg]

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