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Scans of trades so far this month (the highlights)

RE: Scans of trades so far this month (the highlights)
(08-08-2015, 01:36 PM)dmbcrush22 Wrote: another beauty matt! as for USPS, it seems i have had a few cards that stopped off to see some shows in some cities, maybe see their favorite band, and then go on a few day bender before leaving the cities... lol. in other words i have seen a few cards take 5-7 more days then they were supposed to, and take some ODD routes from the normal. i have it down where cards should go and what not, and when they don't i scratch my head. anyhow, in talking with my PO lady that i use for international and APO trades, she said they have been upgrading software and such, they just got theirs on monday this last week, and its a ton more steps to set the mailings up, and something about if there isn't info already they have to enter it... so basically i think the whole system must be updating, not sure if that's just up here, or everywhere, but sure would explain some strange things happening lately! just some thoughts there! :-)

My PO switched over systems a couple months back as well. They got all new computers, equipment, the whole nine yards. I just can't quite grasp why that would screw up shipping so badly. Packages still have to go from point A to point B. They aren't changing routes. Most of the tracking I've entered doesn't even work. Packages aren't being updated each stop they make. Text updates have them stuck at checkpoints for a week and all of a sudden they are on your doorstep without ever being updated. I don't know. Hope it's over soon. I always ship 2 day priority as do most of the people I've been getting cards from and it's been taking on average well over a week to get mine in.

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