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Scans of trades so far this month (the highlights)

RE: Scans of trades so far this month (the highlights)
another beauty matt! as for USPS, it seems i have had a few cards that stopped off to see some shows in some cities, maybe see their favorite band, and then go on a few day bender before leaving the cities... lol. in other words i have seen a few cards take 5-7 more days then they were supposed to, and take some ODD routes from the normal. i have it down where cards should go and what not, and when they don't i scratch my head. anyhow, in talking with my PO lady that i use for international and APO trades, she said they have been upgrading software and such, they just got theirs on monday this last week, and its a ton more steps to set the mailings up, and something about if there isn't info already they have to enter it... so basically i think the whole system must be updating, not sure if that's just up here, or everywhere, but sure would explain some strange things happening lately! just some thoughts there! :-)
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RE: Scans of trades so far this month (the highlights) - by dmbcrush22 - 08-08-2015, 01:36 PM

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