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Scans of trades so far this month (the highlights)

RE: Scans of trades so far this month (the highlights)
(01-05-2015, 03:23 PM)Hofcollector Wrote: Cards like the ones I received today are the reason I don't keep anything hidden away in a PC. I am not against pc's what so ever. I just believe you can get so much more in return if you make everything available. I have some more trades that should be in over the next couple of days that are just amazing.

When we show off the latest trade we just completed this comment will make perfect sense. I still can believe the card I have on the way from you. It will be the single best card in my collection next to the griffey auto and the chase relic.

I list everything for trade and even though the most expensive cards are the hardest to trade. The trades out of no where tend to be the best I work...

I completed 4 killer deals this week and couldn't be happier with my return.


1. Nolan Arenado RCs (all colors)

2. Ken Griffey Jr (90s inserts)

3. Bryce Harper RCs (all colors)

4. Mookie Betts

5. Juan Soto

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