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I definitely believe in Karma! Do you??

I definitely believe in Karma! Do you??
So I won this and was pretty excited that it said "delivered" today!

[Image: 26681594-bf11-45d2-8d57-a6167d52652e_zps7647d013.png] [Image: 955953d4-c5ab-4ccd-842a-6bd275aff4ae_zps007d83eb.png]

BUT!! To my surprise, this showed up!!!

[Image: 62928733-3ed5-419e-b994-7b40fe8818cc_zpsa45a1ca9.png][Image: _57_zpsee5ed7c2.jpg] [Image: IMG_6747_zps56d91c17.jpg]

Now if I was a dishonest person and didn't believe in Karma, I'd probably keep this! They definitely sent me the wrong card! So I called them today to inform them of their mistake & that I'd be shipping it back to them! Did you notice the price difference? Daaaaaannnnggg!!!

Sooooo moving on to my issue as of now! This said "delivered" on the 24th and nothing has showed up!! I am trying to give it a few days due to the holiday shipping but its been 3 days now! Idk to do!! This is the 3rd time this has happened to me & I had to "eat it" the other times! Do you think I will be covered? Its not much but I really wanted this dang card & considered it a "steal"!!!

[Image: bcf8cf0c-3adc-4737-b865-d6861a0e8fd7_zpsfc73df1a.png][Image: 039cb069-772a-487a-98b0-3eeb66b8340b_zpsc3b93817.png]

So hopefully Karma will swing my way!Big Grin
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I definitely believe in Karma! Do you?? - by pudge27t - 12-27-2013, 10:45 PM

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