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Trade-Up Challenge? Completed!!!!

RE: Trade-Up Challenge? (1st trade done!)
Good luck...now what happens with the Walker?

Just a suggestion (it's your thread) so that folks don't have to go through alot of different posts. Keep running track of your progress in your initial post updating and changing as trades are done (remove old pics): example

1. Darvish xxxxxxx traded to whomever for a Walker blah, blah, blah
(picture of Walker card with what you want for it)
2. Walker blah blah blah traded to traderx for whatever......ect

I understand others concerns (not rippen anyone) but also understand what you are doing, start out small and end big. Not done here very successfully in the past that I remember (or followed). Folks aren't always gonna trade-up in your favor, you may need to do the dance so that you get cards folks will clamor for. Again, good luck. It will be fun watching your progress


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