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11-06-2013, 05:09 PM
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RE: platinum.....
(11-05-2013 09:26 PM)johnddake Wrote:  im jumping down no ones throat at all. if that is the view taken, then that is because of the way it was perceived. that part that set me off was your guy there basically saying he only did it to help one of the kids. once again how it was perceived.

Telling me to "hold the phone," calling me a fool, and then mocking the rules is me taking it in the wrong perception? Tell me, how were these words supposed to have good intentions?

Please do not do anything like this again.

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11-07-2013, 01:16 AM
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RE: platinum.....
i buy collections where i live. everyone has a bunch of it. so i have piles laying here. i cant find someone to take it all so i just list a few to try and get rid of them.

ALWAYS looking for gizmo williams 1989 pro set footbal, 1992 pro set ground force cards, ane 1990 Paul Gillis pro set hockey error.
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