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OT: here is something to make you think....
10-29-2013, 03:53 AM
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OT: here is something to make you think....
Caskets come with a limited lifetime warranty, but if you buy it from Walmart.com, you can get the extended Warranty.

First, why on earth would you need a warranty on a Casket?, once your buried, you ain't gonna care if the dang thing leaks, or if the seals don't work, your dead, so you don't care about nothing like that.

Secondly: Who the heck is Walmart going to send the expiration notice too, and ask them to renew the extended Warranty plan, you ain't got no money with ya, when you go, so how you gonna pay for it?

and lastly; What were they thinking when they came up with offering a warranty in the first place?, seriously, it's not like your loved ones are gonna dig you up every couple of days to see if your cold and wet from a leak now , are they?

And what the heck is Walmart doing selling caskets anyways?

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10-29-2013, 07:59 AM
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RE: OT: here is something to make you think....
Well, I actually had a co-op at a casket company back in college. If I remember correctly, the reasons they have for why there is a warranty is that there are times when people have to be exhumed, and if the casket wasn't built properly, then things are more difficult. Reasons for exhuming are DNA testing, criminal investigations, and on the remote chance that there is a problem with the cemetery and it needs to be moved, etc. I've heard of all of the above happening, though not often. If a person is buried in a pine box, or something that degrades quickly, then if they need to be moved, or even exhumed for other reasons, then it can be very difficult to do anything with the remains (if they can even find them).

Truth be told, though, the #1 reason why they have it: Piece of mind for the family that survives the deceased. Most people have a hard time coping with the fact that their loved one is dead, and it's a small comfort for them to think that their body will be as recognizable as it can be for as long as possible.

The things I don't get are some of the options on some of the caskets. There was one I saw recently where there was a sound system built into the casket, and it had the ability to sync wirelessly to a server that did playlists of prechosen music to be played in the casket. I've also seen one that plays a DVD in an endless loop on a small flat screen TV above the head.

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