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1929-30 Exhibit "Post Cards" (4 of a team to ea. 'Card')
09-05-2013, 03:11 AM
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1929-30 Exhibit "Post Cards" (4 of a team to ea. 'Card')
These 'Baseball Post Cards' are distributed for 0ne Cent when weighing yourself. Some Weight Machine Salesman put together an Poster Ad by pasting 20+ Cards to very thin posterboard to place above the Scale Placement.
My younger Brother bought this Poster for me at a weekly 4-Square-Block Flea Market in Tulsa 10 yrs. ago ---> for $20. Since then I have sold off the 'Ad' part & some cut out cards for well over $275.00. It's late here in Southeast Kansas & I have been very sick w/"Guillain-Barre Syndrome" for exactly 3 yrs this week. Six mos., in 3 hospitals & 19 mos. in 2 Rest Homes - & I just don't have the Avid Interest & Concentration it takes to manage a modest 67,000 Card collection.
So I will post the team w/it's 4 Players from same tomorrow & pics of same card(s) hopefully by the weekend. I am liquidating my collection by selling 5%; Keeping 5%; and giving the remaining 90% away in a manner I have not yet decided upon. Open to Philanthropic Suggestions...

Stephen Strasburg, Reg Bowman 2010 Set, "Prospect, First Card" & Allen Iverson 1
987-88 GAME DATED UpperDeck. LOW - $750.00 -- HIGH - $1,500.00. Strapped. Nee
d to sell both. Now.
Tired. More Later (24-48 Hrs)
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