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Jeter Griffey Hornsby Ruth Braun Dimaggio Musial Lincecum Chapman Verlander Mauer FT
List has been updated. Looking for mid-highend star/hofer autos in baseball and football. If interested in anything let me know and I'll check your organizer.

Ryan Braun 2005 Bowman Sterling Autograph RC BGS 9.5/10
[Image: BraunRyanSterlingBGS95Auto.jpg]

Albert Pujols/Scott Rolen/Jim Edmonds 2005 Fleer Classic Clippings Diamond Signings Blue Triple Autograph /10
[Image: PujolsEdmondsRolenAuto_zps84bae28e.jpg]

Derek Jeter/Berra/Jackson/Dimaggio 2008 Sweet Spot Quad Jersey
[Image: JeterDimaggioBerraQuad_zps69093fb2.jpg]

Ken Griffey Jr./Billy Williams 2005 UD Reflections GOLD SP /75 Dual Autograph
[Image: GriffeyWilliamsDualAuto_zpsb1aa361a.jpg]

Tim Lincecum 2009 Bowman Chrome Autograph RC BGS 9.5/10
[Image: LincecumTimBCBGS95Auto_zps782d0191.jpg]

Derek Jeter/Roger Maris 2008 SP Legendary Generations Dual Jersey
[Image: JeterMarisDualJsy_zps9861cde7.jpg]

Stan Musial 2008 Triple Threads Jersey/Bat/Jersey /27
[Image: MusialStanTTT3xGU_zpsbb025d41.jpg]

Tommy Hanson 2009 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Autograph /50 RC BGS 9.5/10
[Image: HansonTommyBCGoldAutoRC.jpg]

Aroldis Chapman 2010 Bowman Chrome Autograph RC
[Image: ChapmanAroldisCBAutoRC_zpsbd9c1173.jpg]

Starlin Castro 2010 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor /250 RC BGS 9.5
[Image: CastroStarlinBCBlueRC.jpg]

Bubba Starling 2011 Leaf Draft Prismatic Autograph /99 RC
[Image: StarlingBubbaLeafAuto.jpg]

Rogers Hornsby 2001 Donruss Classics Legendary Lumberjacks Bat
[Image: HornsbyRogerBatb_zpsd1b14730.jpg]

Brad Holt 2011 Bowman Platinum Green Refractor Autograph
[Image: HoltBradPlatinumAuto.jpg]

Ryan Howard 2012 National Treasures Jumbo Patch Book (3+ Color) /25 HTG
[Image: HowardRyanNTJumboPatch_zps132061a9.jpg]

Kirk Niuewenhuis 2012 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor Autograph /199 RC
[Image: NieuwenhuisKirkTCBlueAuto_zps12d36924.jpg]

Joe Mauer 2012 Topps Museum Collection Jersey/Patch(3 CLR)/Jersey Autograph /25
[Image: MauerJoePatchAuto_zps57465165.jpg]

Justin Verlander 2012 Topps Triple Threads All Star Game Prime Jumbo Patch /9#d HTG
[Image: VerlanderJustinTTTASPatch_zps918037d3.jpg]

Babe Ruth 2001 Topps Tribute Bat BGS 9.5
[Image: RuthBabeTributeBatBGS95_zps38c6fe41.jpg]

Billy Hamilton 2012 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor Autograph /150 RC (Probably going to need a Tom Brady, Rodgers, Jeter Auto/GU for this)
[Image: HamiltonBillyBCBlueAutoRCb-1.jpg]

Byron Nelson 2002 SP Game Used Scorecard Signatures Auto Beckett BCCG 10
[Image: NelsonByronSPAuto_zpsb867ead8.jpg]

Drew Brees 2001 Bowman Rookie Relics Hula Bowl Jersey Autograph RC (Has Edge chip and 1/4 GU crease) RC HTG
[Image: BreesDrewAutoJsyRC.jpg]

Greg Jennings 2006 Ultimate Autograph /150 RC
[Image: JenningsGregUltAutorc_zpscf4effa6.jpg]

Dwayne Bowe 2007 Bowman Sterling Jersey Autograph RC
[Image: BoweDwayneSterlingAutojsyRC_zpsd8160fbd.jpg]

Andre Caldwell 2008 Bowman Chrome Autograph RC
[Image: CaldwellAndreBCAuto.jpg]

Rob Gronkowski 2010 Topps Unrivaled Jumbo Patch (2 Color) Auto /15 RC
[Image: GronkowskiRobJumboAuto_zps9cf870bb.jpg]

Chris Johnson 2008 Contenders Autograph RC
[Image: JhnsonChrisContAutoRC_zps253163eb.jpg]

Jamaal Charles 2008 Exquisite Silver Patch (3+ Color) Autograph /75 RC
[Image: CharlesJamaalExqAutoPatch.jpg]

Chris Johnson 2008 Topps Rookie Progression Autograph RC
[Image: JohnsonChrisToppsAuto.jpg]

Mike Wallace 2009 Contenders College Ticket SP /85 RC
[Image: WallaceMikeContAutoRC.jpg]

Sam Bradford 2010 Certified Dual Jersey Autograph /299 RC
[Image: BradfordSamCertAutoJsy-1.jpg]

Tim Tebow 2010 Gridiron Gear Hidden Gems Jersey Autograph /259 RC
[Image: TebowTimGGAutoJsy_zps2398d5fb.jpg]

Doug Martin 2012 Contenders Cracked Ice Autograph /20#d RC (Going to take a really nice Jeter Auto GU, Brady or Rodgers Auto)
[Image: MartinDougContIceAutob_zpscfe8af4c.jpg]

Torrey Smith 2011 Inception Jumbo Patch Autograph RC
[Image: SmithTorreyInceptionPatchAuto_zpsaaf7b6c4.jpg]

Kirk Cousins 2012 Crown Royale Autograph RC
[Image: CousinsKirkCRAutoRC_zpsb83f6d3c.jpg]

Mike Williams 2010 Limited Patch (4 Color) Autograph /199 RC
[Image: WilliamsMikeLimitedAutoPatch.jpg]

Stanley Havili 2011 Absolute Spectrum Autograph /299 RC
[Image: HaviliStanleyAuto.jpg]

Shane Vereen 2011 Certified Mirror Gold Quad Prime Patch Autograph /25 RC
[Image: VereenShaneQuadGoldAuto_zpsd9b2bdb5.jpg]

Blaine Gabbert 2011 Contenders Autograph RC
[Image: GabbertBlaineContAuto.jpg]

Andre Johnson 2011 Crown Royale Majestic Materials Jersey /199
[Image: JohnsonAndreCRJsy.jpg]

Shane Vereen 2011 Finest Patch (3 Color) Autograph /310 RC
[Image: VereenShaneFinestPatchAuto_zpsa04ffc3d.jpg]

Maurice Jones Drew 2011 Gridiron Gear NFl Nation Jersey /100
[Image: DrewMauriceJonesJersey.jpg]

Von Miller Leaf Rookies & Stars Autograph /15#d
[Image: MillerVonRSAuto_zps7b9785c6.jpg]

Stevan Ridley 2011 Inception Jumbo Prime Patch (4 Color) Autograph 146/599 RC
[Image: RidleyStevanAutoPatchb.jpg]

Demaryius Thomas/Cj Spiller/Jahvid Best 2010 Limited Draft Day Trios Prime (1 Color/3 Color/3 Color Reebok logo) 21/25 Spiller RC Jsy #
[Image: SpillerBestThomasTriplePrime.jpg]

Jake Locker 2011 Press Head of the Class Autograph /25 RC
[Image: LockerJakePPAuto-1.jpg]

DeAndre McDaniel 2011 Prestige Autograph /1499 RC
[Image: McDanielDeAndreAuto.jpg]

Ladainian Tomlinson 2011 Rookies & Stars Longevity Emerald Prime (1 Color) /99
[Image: TomlinsonLadainianRSJsy.jpg]

Von Miller 2011 Sage Silver Autograph RC
[Image: MillerVonSAGEAutob.jpg]

Randall Cobb 2011 SP Authentic Patch (2 Color) Autograph /699 RC
[Image: CobbRandallSPAAuto.jpg]

Jimmy Smith 2011 Threads Silver Signatures Autograph /299 RC
[Image: SmithJimmyThreadsAuto.jpg]

Blaine Gabbert 2011 Topps Five Star Gold Patch (2 Color) Autograph /55 RC
[Image: GabbertBlaineFiveStarAuto.jpg]

Demarco Murray 2011 Topps Platinum Green Patch (2+ Color) Autograph /125 RC
[Image: MurrayDemarcoPLatinumAuto.jpg]

Brandon Weeden 2012 Prominence Projection Jumbo Prime Patch (2 Color) /49 RC
[Image: WeedenBrandonPatchJumbo.jpg]
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