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2012 Fleer Retro First Pricing on Beckett.com
03-29-2013, 09:02 AM
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2012 Fleer Retro First Pricing on Beckett.com
This is a very heavily broken release and riding the coattails of the red hot Fleer Retro BK product from several month's ago.
Despite being college oriented, the secondary market activity on the singles is robust. The product is full of throwback style inserts that debuted in the 1990s, but haven't been since in a brand new release. Upper Deck seeded the inserts in such a way that a box break will yield several "type" cards from a number of the inserts, just enough to peek your interest. It's clear that this product is a set builders dream, with heated bidding action reflecting just that on key eBay listings.
The 1960-1963 style inserts were done particularly well with oncard signatures in the autograph versions. Most of those 1960s style autographs are very tough pulls, and many of the singles in the remainder of the autograph sets (Rookie Sensations, Autographics) are short printed as well. The short prints in those inserts may surprise you as some of the lesser known players seem to be the shortest.
We thoroughly researched the product, including the identification of most of the autograph SPs, and our analysis can be found on the Beckett Online Pric e Guide.
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