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Insurance question
03-15-2013, 04:29 PM
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Insurance question

I have a question about the $$ charged by Beckett for their grading services.
I just received my cards back from them and it seems like they make an aweful lot of extra $$ on their return shipping charges.
I had 40 cards with a declared value of $5,000 in the package.
They charged me $60 for return shipping ($45 for insurance and $15 for postage).
They sent the cards via Registered mail through the post office.
The cost of postage and insurance they paid was $33.55- per the package.
When asked why they charged me $60- this was the response from Jeromy Murray, Operations Manager- "Nothing we can do about the shipping/insurance fees. On orders that are insured for over $3k, we are required to have special insurance on the orders while they are in our possession, so the fees listed on the package does not fully represent the insurance fees we pay. We will not give any refunds on shipping/insurance. The customer sees the fees for these services and they can choose what or what not to pay."

My response to him, which has yet gone unanswered-"I point out that the submission form states under the "calculating $ to be paid to BGS" area- line #7- that the insurance is for "Return insurance".
And the back of the form - "Submission Rules and Instructions" number 11 states: "Be sure to include return insurance and ship to address on top of submission form.....Owner's declared value is used for determining insurance cost of the return shipment and the maximum amount that can be claimed for damage or loss in shipment for any card or cards."
No where does the form say one will have top pay for insurance while the cards are in your possession. One would think that is part of the per card amount you charge just like any other overhead cost you incur.
I understand that you have your rules, but feel they should be properly explained and advertised."

Am I wrong here?
Should I not be concerned that they are profiting greatly on these insurance fees?
Do others feel the same as me?

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03-15-2013, 06:10 PM
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RE: Insurance question
Seems ok to me. When I ship the cards shipping and insurance costs me $24 and BGS charges me $23 to send em back.

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03-15-2013, 07:50 PM (This post was last modified: 03-15-2013 07:56 PM by mileen123.)
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RE: Insurance question
Thanks Jeff.
You really are a cynic.
I realize they say how much they are going to charge- but they say it is for RETURN INSURANCE.
Return insurance in this instance was WAY less than they actually paid.
I would expect a customer oriented business to gladly refund any excess overage they charge as sort of a thank you for doing business with us and assert that we are really only making money on our service- not tacking on additional charges for reimbursements for something we didn't actually pay.
But then again maybe that is just my thinking.

Maybe they need to change their submission forms to state that they will be charging insurance for the time they are holding my cards at their facility. This would at least make more sense than saying that it is for RETURN INSURANCE. False advertising sounds to me.

The fact that they can change shipping method is fine- but if the costs are less, then I would expect less cost to me as well- not for them to make more by quoting the higher cost and using a cheaper method. Bait and switch sound to me.

I know if this were Ebay, they would get a ZERO star rating for shipping and handling. Charging me double what they actually paid.
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03-16-2013, 06:24 AM
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RE: Insurance question
Well it's just like when you buy something on ebay and the charge $3.50 shipping and you get it and it cost $1.65 to ship. Try getting the difference back from them.
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