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Custom Graded Registry, unable to add cards
03-14-2013, 06:17 PM
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RE: Custom Graded Registry, unable to add cards
(03-14-2013 02:14 PM)dmasci Wrote:  Hi guys, I'm kinda lost in this conversation regarding registries in general. I don't understand how a registry whether it's PSA or Beckett has anything to do with the value of a card? I can understand how some would pay more for a PSA 10 vs. a BGS 9.5 or BVG 9.5 or the other way around...paying more for the BVG/BGS vs. PSA but why does that have anything to do with a registry? I collect only BGS/BVG mostly because I was familiar with Beckett when I started and like the slabs better. How does a registry which is nothing more than a listing of cards with serial numbers add to the value of a card?

Most registries have a set composition which gives cards different weights, meaning a 86 Jordan rookie is worth 10 points and if you have a Jordan rookie graded a 9.5 you will get a score of 95. Once a crowd of people start building the same set and the competitive juices start flowing and everyone races to be #1 cards with higher grades bring in bigger bucks with so many chasing that certain low pop card. This in essence will make the value of higher graded cards sell for more and help everyone out including the grading companies because in return more people start grading more stuff such as commons and what have you and business is better for everyone involved.

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