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2012 Topps Football Complete SET ??
02-06-2013, 10:51 PM
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2012 Topps Football Complete SET ??
A few more questions for all the pros on here!! First off, thanks for your responses to my previous question.. Very very helpful! I am new all over to collecting and I am focusing on the 2012 Topps Football (standard Topps with Luck on the display). I collected as a kid but 20 years later, I have started again and ALOT has changed!!

1. Where is the best place to get hobby boxes and jumbo hobby boxes of this set? I have already pieced the whole set together with value boxes and hanger boxes, but I am not pulling the 'good cards' (autos, and special cards, etc)

2. My wife surprised me and picked up the 440 Complete Set of the 2012 Topps Football. From what I remember collecting as a kid, this will be more valuable in the longrun if I dont break the seal. I am tempted to open it though, so I was seeking your opinions on that. I assume that Topps doesn't put anything extra in there aside from the Andrew Luck Patch Card, but do they put in the SP Variation cards here and there?

Out of the value boxes and hanger boxes so far, my best pulls are... RG3 Jumbo Jersey Relic card, a Russel Wilson Jumbo Relic, Probably about 25-30 RG3 or Luck regular rookies,A 1984 RC Blackmon, a bunch of Wilson RCs, the Aaron Rodgers Mike Floyd and Ryan Tannerhill Variations.. Thats about the extent of it, and I have bought ALOT of these boxes so per your suggestions, I am now going for the hobby boxes.

Thanks again for all of your help on this! So much has changed and when I opened my first Beckett in about 20 years, I got SUPER CONFUSED!!

Another thing that has changed and sucks is that there are no longer any local card shops that are open in my area! I am out by Gurnee Illinois.

Thanks again and I am learning alot from you guys by reading all these threads!
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02-06-2013, 11:47 PM (This post was last modified: 02-06-2013 11:48 PM by branesergen.)
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RE: 2012 Topps Football Complete SET ??
I *think* there are 5 Orange cards in the set. Im not 100% sure tho. If you do not have a shop near you your best and only bet is online. I would suggest checking the show calendar here on Beckett to see if there are any shows within an hour or so of your place of residence. I, personally drive 40 minutes to an hour to go to the ones here and have driven 3 hours to go to the one in San Antonio a couple times. If you have to buy online I would suggest cardsinfinity.com. Chris has gone thru a lot to prove he is on the up and up and I trust him as much as I trust Topps. I, again personally, stay away from buying boxes off ebay, blowout and D&A card world. Its too easy to open a case, pull the best hits and sell the rest of the boxes and Chris (cardsinfinity) videos all is breaks and accounts for the cases on video. He will even break your box on video if you wish. Email him and he can order boxes for you if he doesnt have them in stock. I think you can also order directly from Topps tho again I am not 100% sure.

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02-07-2013, 11:14 AM
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RE: 2012 Topps Football Complete SET ??
If you are looking for hits I would go with Jumbo HTA boxes. I buy mine off of Ebay and you can usually find them in auction format or Buy it Now/Best offer for + or - 80 bucks. I have lucked out and gotten a couple for 72. They advertise 2 autos + a relic card but some of mine have had more hits than that. For example, 3 autos, black, and 2 relics in my last box.

My hits have been pretty good lately.....

2- Colin Kaepernick Gameday Autos (back to back boxes)
2- Randall Cobb Gameday Autos

Colin Kaepernick 4 color rookie patch card

Hines Ward Commemorative Ring card #/137

Dolphins Team Card Yellow Printing Plate (I collect Dolphins)

Good luck and if you need anything to complete insert sets let me know. I have a TON of stuff from this.
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