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TRRRRRADIN'!!!!! Scans inside
01-25-2013, 05:15 PM
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TRRRRRADIN'!!!!! Scans inside
LMK what you need. Mainly looking for Luck, Osweiler, Kaepernick, Foles, Tannehill, Ryan, D. Thomas, Decker, Von Miller, Doug Martin,
Alfred Morris, other star and rookie auto's.

Also still need most of the 2012 Momentum Rookie jersey auto's /399, /499,/599 for my set

NOT Scanned---RGIII Absolute jer/au /299--all Maroon swatches

[Image: a2a.jpg]
[Image: a2b.jpg]
[Image: a2c.jpg]
[Image: a2d.jpg]
[Image: a2e.jpg]
[Image: a2f.jpg]
[Image: a2g.jpg]
[Image: a2h1.jpg]
[Image: a2i.jpg]
[Image: a2j.jpg]
[Image: a2k2.jpg]
[Image: a2l.jpg]
[Image: a2m.jpg]
[Image: a2n.jpg]
[Image: a2o.jpg]
[Image: a2p1.jpg]
[Image: a2q.jpg]
[Image: a2r.jpg]
[Image: a2s.jpg]
[Image: a2t.jpg]
[Image: a2u.jpg]
[Image: a2v.jpg]
[Image: a2w1.jpg]
[Image: a2x.jpg]
[Image: a2y1.jpg]
[Image: a2z.jpg]
[Image: b2a1.jpg]
[Image: b2b1.jpg]
[Image: b2c.jpg]
[Image: b2d.jpg]
[Image: b2e.jpg]
[Image: b2f.jpg]
[Image: b2g2.jpg]
[Image: b2h.jpg]
[Image: b2i1.jpg]
[Image: b2j1.jpg]
[Image: b2k.jpg]
[Image: b2l.jpg]
[Image: b2m.jpg]
[Image: b2n.jpg]
[Image: b2o.jpg]
[Image: b2p.jpg]
[Image: b2q.jpg]
[Image: b2r.jpg]
[Image: b2s.jpg]
[Image: b2t.jpg]
[Image: b2u.jpg]
[Image: b2v.jpg]
[Image: b2w.jpg]
[Image: cm.jpg]
[Image: cn.jpg]
[Image: co2.jpg]
[Image: cp2.jpg]
[Image: cq.jpg]
[Image: cr.jpg]
[Image: cs1.jpg]
[Image: ct.jpg]
[Image: cu.jpg]
[Image: cv1.jpg]
[Image: cw1.jpg]


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