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Brandy's slide cost her .........

RE: Brandy's slide cost her .........
(01-25-2013, 12:33 AM)ekalbNZ Wrote: I have nothing against the fine on Gore for breaking the rules. That is the rules, Gore breaks them, he get's fined. Fine by me. But I do think that a simple violation of the uniform (even if it is a repeated case) should not be more than the fine handed to Brady (whether it was on purpose or an accident doesn't matter) or any other player for a similar incidient or personal foul.

I understand that and don't even disagree, but keep in mind when they are looking at a possible fine for an incident I doubt if they are considering the amount that Gore received for his multiple uniform offense when considering Brady's. How much Gore's fine is has no relation to Brady's. Does it matter how much Suh got fined for his stomp? possibly. Do they consider unrelated offenses when determining fines? doubtful.
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