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Mailday Monday!
01-07-2013, 09:02 PM
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Mailday Monday!
Hey everyone, it was a pretty good mail day today, got some pc and some traders. First the Pc.

[Image: 6C75ADB4-43CA-4E57-9E13-9457F38FFFCD-967...0D7E07.jpg]
[Image: 7633A618-25C8-400C-B9A9-0AEE6A4EF38F-967...01638E.jpg]
[Image: 8BFCDF2E-3B50-4DAE-9406-63996230A92E-967...898F95.jpg]
[Image: C3C790CB-92E8-4215-A36E-D37EDBC16C0D-967...BF3385.jpg]
[Image: 20EF8D03-1FA4-495C-88A7-89C7FB3B22FE-967...A91FDC.jpg]

Now for the traders..

[Image: 96C5E4E1-5144-48E4-95E8-7C89E27DA43A-967...87FCA2.jpg]
[Image: 35E3BB7C-EA95-49E2-A8A2-A2F6D0D3135E-967...9C89E0.jpg]
[Image: 7D56BD7B-B4B2-4376-83E3-346B5014751F-967...917C77.jpg]
[Image: 140AF0E1-D56A-477D-90C6-32C7843C6BC1-967...794916.jpg]
[Image: B93B8CBB-4B91-4F95-9A9A-A8DE54803A1C-967...DDC351.jpg]
[Image: C926B6EF-AB3C-4890-88BB-3C56BE371364-967...EC39AD.jpg]
[Image: B819ED25-FC50-4C6F-B8E0-CA411622F3C9-967...61C65F.jpg]
[Image: 51ECB68E-69A7-4169-904E-A21814B9DD73-967...B54445.jpg]
Thanks to Ryan Chubaty for the sweet trade, and part of my pc. Thanks for the look and comments are always welcome. Bring on the trades.

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01-08-2013, 09:16 AM
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RE: Mailday Monday!
Nice pick ups!!! OFFER SENT

[Image: bretthullbanner.jpg]

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01-08-2013, 10:05 AM
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RE: Mailday Monday!
Awesome pickups, love the Bergs. Thanks for sharing.

Currently collecting anything and everything Mike Trout. Also have a small PC of Bo Jackson. My life would be complete if I could find a 1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars Troy Glaus RC to complete my set.
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