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The Elf on the Shelf stole my card - updated 12/21 ***ELF CAUGHT**

RE: The Elf on the Shelf stole my card - updated 12/13
(12-14-2012, 08:45 AM)shezdoni Wrote: Not Gremlins, Mogwai's, and remember Phil, don't feed them after midnight no matter how much they beg, and don't ever let them get wet..... Smile

Guys! Guys! He's got photos of this darn thing mucking around with the freaking package! It clearly is an elf, evidenced by the crimson strobiloid cap with white fringe; matching crimson zarape; spray-tan and ruby lips. Thought to be of the "fey" variety, their jolly captor and trainer insist that they are simply metro-sexual and enjoy the "fabulosness" of their appearance.

Their mischievous behavior is brought on by the fact that they are predisposed to the effects of the PTSD suffered by their ancestors and handed down over time. This disposition amended itself into anger, then evolved into outward, unrepentant acts of disdain for those that they are serving. Essentially, elves have gone from happy little creatures that love to build for others, to tiny Kutcher-ish d-bags that enjoy "punking" those that they are meant to embrace.

Mogwai are just misunderstood, and it's the fault of the caretakers for any setbacks created by mishandling.

Gremlins smell and suck! Plus you can't catch them in photos. Little mustards!


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RE: The Elf on the Shelf stole my card - updated 12/13 - by rayeates - 12-14-2012, 09:14 AM

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