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The Elf on the Shelf stole my card - updated 12/21 ***ELF CAUGHT**

RE: The Elf on the Shelf stole my card
(12-12-2012, 10:27 PM)shezdoni Wrote: Some interesting reading there, Freakonomics?, Elder Trading for a living? (trying to trade off your Parents?), tongue-a-cream? (Huh, what?), Douglas The disciplined?, Goals, the 10 rules for battery? No wonder the elf stole the bubbles.

I was wondering if someone would comment on the books..

Freakonomics - yep, I like Levitt and Dubner, but I find Gladwell to be much more interesting

Trading for a Living - no, not trading off my parents

The Tongue, a Creative Force - a really thought-provoking read, especially if you're religious

The Disciplined Trader - lots of interesting comments on personal and crowd psychology

the others... well, books I had to read for work... those little 50-pagers with more pictures and quotable-quotes than actual substance
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