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The Elf on the Shelf stole my card - updated 12/21 ***ELF CAUGHT**

The Elf on the Shelf stole my card - updated 12/21 ***ELF CAUGHT**
Ok, so I get home tonight and my wife tells me that she saw an elf today. She said it took a bubble mailer from today's mail and ran in my office.

Not believing her, I went in to search for this elf, and saw this in one of my bookcases:

[Image: elf121112.jpg]

The elf ran off before I could grab it and took the mailer, so I have no idea what is missing. I have Secret Santa stuff that should be coming in, something I got for Randi to complete a trade, an Yzerman and Gretzky 98-99 SOTT, and a Gretzky Donruss Preferred Precious Metals.... hope the elf doesn't have one of those

I'll post updates and/or pictures until I catch this elf

Update: 12/13

I walk by my office and hear some noise... thinking it's the elf, I have the camera ready on the iphone, and I look on top of my jersey rack and see this:

[Image: elf121312.jpg]

Looks like the elf got the card out of the mailer (which is still nowhere to be found) and now is trying to break the case open. It might be hard to see, but in it's hands is a case that looks to be wrapped in just a sheet of paper. Still impossible to make out what card the elf has, but it looked like it wasn't just one 35pt card... the only stuff I have incoming that's a thicker card stock is secret santa and Randi's stuff... I suppose it could be a bunch of 35pt cards, but I don't have anything like that incoming... unless it's the stuff from my secret santa, but I don't think that's the case.

Update: 12/14

I come home from work tonight, and this bugger is still at it...

[Image: elf121512_zps3f6c6829.jpg]

He managed to get the card out of the paper, but not out of the case. I think he was trying to push the puck over on top of the case to break it open... still have no idea what this is, but it definitely looks to be in a pretty thick one-touch magnetic.. 100pt or 135pt, I'm guessing..

And the McFarlanes are definitely not happy... found a couple knocked over, while this stupid elf is hopping from shelf to shelf - bookcase to bookcase

Update: 12/16

Coming back out of my office, I see this:

[Image: elf121712_zps986efec4.jpg]


I guess he's taunting me now?!

Problem is, this card is nowhere to be found.. maybe he did get the case open and flew back to the North Pole with the card?


Going in to work late today, since I have a dinner that'll go late tonight, I'm doing some catch-up work at home, and there was another elf sighting today...

[Image: elf121912_zps4c117ada.jpg]

these things are animals... I hope there's nothing else in my office that has elf bodily fluids on it..

Update: 12/21

So, remember how I'd been saying that the McFarlanes were not happy with this elf prancing around and his very un-funny joking with me with this card... well, I guess peeing on the Halak Tape to Tape was the final straw.

Nicklas Lidstrom, Curtis Granderson, Ray Rice, and Ray Lewis took matters into their own hands...

[Image: elf122112_zpsc86730f9.jpg]

Oh, sweet revenge..

Not sure where Nick got the goalie stick, though.
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