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Help in identifying a random/oddball Bill Russell/Dr. J?
12-08-2012, 01:10 AM (This post was last modified: 12-08-2012 01:20 AM by CalPolyCollector.)
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Question Help in identifying a random/oddball Bill Russell/Dr. J?
Hey, guys. New to the board (obviously). Big basketball collector. Enjoyed reading for a while now and figured I should join in. I anticipate posting here a fair amount. :-)

Anyway... I was wondering if any of you might recognize an oddball item I've been looking at for a bit? I picked it up at an LCS just because I thought it was cool. No idea if it's worth 10 cents, 10 dollars, or what (if I had to guess, I'd assume closer to the former).

It's a mini of some sort. (Pictures below, linked. You can see the toploader around for scale.) Don't know if it was standard issue like this, or cut from a sheet, or if it was a promo or piece of a cereal box or something like that. Can't find anything like it on eBay or elsewhere with various search terms.

On one side, Bill Russell's attempting a layup. On the other, it looks like a picture from the '77 Finals: Maurice Lucas (I think?) snaring a board next to Bill Walton, over Dr. J and the Sixers. The border is blue.

Anyone have any idea what this is? Piece of some larger set? A standalone, homemade piece? Any help would be appreciated... Thanks!


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