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Ebay funny sad story
11-28-2012, 03:11 PM
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RE: Ebay funny sad story
I had to pay 2x book value on COMC because it was one of the NT Hendersons Im trying to get all of. The seller wouldnt even take offers for more than 15% off asking price. Since I need that card, and i didnt want someone else to buy it, I went ahead and bought it. So sometimes the seller is just trying to see what kind of "sucker" ie. me, would bite. I just sold 13 DJ Augustin NT I had posted for $1000 BIN just to see. I had put that I would accept offers in the description, but the buyer paid full price within two days of being listed. Goes to show, sometimes you can get more than youd expect.

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11-28-2012, 03:23 PM
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RE: Ebay funny sad story
Yeah, that part I can't understand, nor explain. I would have at least shot you a courtesy message to see if you were still interested.

But then again, I just recently sold an item for $225 but I only accept payment via paypal. The winner didn't bother reading and then wanted to mail me a money order. Well, I've had bad experiences with payments other than paypal (they even counterfeit money orders -- or worse yet, I got one that was stolen)...not saying that paypal is all that safe...And I needed the funds right away (It would have taken a week to get to me), so I didn't accept it. I offered it to the next highest bidder at $222, but they didn't respond. So I relisted it again as a short 3 day auction, and only got my starting price of $150. So I should have just dealt with the money order...so you never know...you never know...

(11-28-2012 03:11 PM)kenarm79 Wrote:  I didn't see the auction until a couple days after it sold. The point being is that if you feel as though you can get more money, then why would you sell it for less than what someone is offering? This doesn't make sense on any planet. I asked the seller why didn't he accept my offer and he told me that he felt that he could get more, but needed to get rid of it quick?????????
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11-29-2012, 12:10 PM
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RE: Ebay funny sad story
I been trying to get 3 cards for the last few months.. one over 3 years... it keeps showing up on ebay.. but seller will not budge..

Martin Slater Chronology letter/auto /99 - seller lists it for $129.99 I send a couple offers, highest being $60 (low offer because it has a ding in top left corner). He countered $80. I declined, because it is a damaged card in my opinion.. now, seller lists at 30% off, which is $90.99. I will not buy it because it has a dinged corner. I emailed seller twice, asking about condition & stating I will not pay $60, which is reasonable price.. he never replies talking about damaged card. It is still listed. The one reply I received along with his offer stated that I sold one for $120.. I guess he thinks I am going to flip it, which I am not.. I been trying to complete the set.. I have 4 of 6 letters. The one I sold was by mistake.. I threw it on ebay at $120 starting price.. thinking nobody will bid.. but a collector in Japan bid, so I let it ride out, instead of cancelling the auction.. now, I need another letter "T". I been buying the letters I have for $40-70 /dlvd.

Bynum SPA 08-09 letter/auto 5/5 letter "N" - I need 3 more cards to complete "fullname" set.. seller wants $200. I think I offered highest was $60.. I been paying $40-70 for fullname /5 cards... & paying $40-120 for cityname 1/1 cards. Can't remember highest amount paid for 1/1.. seller will not budge on the $199 price he is asking... ** there is a collector in Australia that has a couple 1/1 cityname Bynum letters... can't remember details & other site is busy.. guy told me what price he paid in 2009 for them.. & told me a story about exchange rate that didn't make since. I've good at mathmatics & very familiar with exchange rate for Australia, since I've traveled there many times with the Navy. With the story he told me, it would come out close to $200 per card... Seems like he is trying to double his money.. I do not think he knows that you can get the exchange rate history (average) for any month, any year... I haven't checked my email on the other site in over a week... I can't afford buying the cards he has at this time & refuse to pay that much.. been debating on selling my Bynum letters anyways.... here is my thread about the ebay $200 bynum listing... http://www.beckett.com/forums/thread-1515720.html

Farmar Ultimate Debut patch/auto/gold /10 - that has been listed on ebay since OCT 2009 is still listed.. it had some crazy price of $285 or something like that. can't remember.. it is currently listed at $195. The seller knows that I am probably the only Farmar collector still around.. but he doesn't want to budge on his price. highest I offered was $50 in NOV 2009... I will not offer that much now, because Farmar no longer plays for the Lakers or even in the NBA.. He plays in Turkey. I still collect him & would like to someday own every Lakers card he has.. Only 3 other people bid on this card... the seller doesn't realize that the popularity of Farmar as decreased dramatically... therefore his cards have decreased in value... oh, well, life goes on....

if you want to see crazy prices, check out my SPA 08-09 & Chronology letters... also, my Elite Black Box lakers autos... not trying to sell my "letters"... trying to get others to list theirs, so I can scoop them up...

MY BUCKETT: http://photobucket.com/jpleazme
*United States Navy*
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12-08-2012, 07:04 AM
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RE: Ebay funny sad story
What really annoys me when a seller says he cant sell it for less than the asking price or he will not break even on the case/box they bought. If someone is buying cases or boxes to make money, its a losing battle 90% of the time. Holding onto that excess inventory depleats their cash flow and they arent able to buy new "hot " product.

Case in point....I really wanted a Jordan Shadow Box Auto. I hate auctions and i usually use the buy it now option. So I find a seller had one listed for $600. I offered him $450 which is fair and he said he would not go under $550 because he had to break even on the case he bought. These cards sell for between $400 and $450, so i offered him the high side and I dont have to worry about being sniped on an auction. He still has the card for sale and as Upper Deck floods the market with more and more Jordan Auto's his value will just decrease.

I did end up getting my shadow box at a local card show for $400. the dealer and I looked up what they were going or on ebay. We figured $425. If he sold the card he is paying ebay and paypal close to $50 in fees. so we split the difference and he gave it to me for $400. He wanted $500 originally for the card, but he was happy to get some cash then holding onto the card for 6 months. Now he can go out and buy more cards!

Collecting Bob Feller, 1951 Bowman, anything Cleveland.

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