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I'm on break from cards for the holiday
11-26-2012, 10:51 AM
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I'm on break from cards for the holiday
I've decided to make a notice that I am not trading until the beginning of next year. A big part of it is because of money. I don't want to put money toward shipping right now just to get 'other' cards. I don't really have any cards I am pursuing at the moment. Any trades accepted would be just to please the asker while I attempt to make sure it's fair to my end at the same time and I'm not on here as much or looking at my cards as often to do that.

My ORG has been wrong since the end of October from sales at a card show. I should just flush the whole thing and re-add what I actually have left. I moved my cards (not entirely out of reach) because that is where the Christmas tree goes so I will not be looking through my boxes as often as I was. I am putting my money toward getting some things for my family and my car inspection is due by the end of the year.

All that being said, I will still take offers to buy. I don't sign on as often to check but I don't think it will be any less than once a week. If you see cards you want, I will take the time to make sure I have them as long as you are sure you want to buy and it's not a worthless effort on my part. I was recently selling anything that books under $1 at 10 for $1 (.10 each). Anything $1-$3 is 3 for $1 (.33 each). Over $4 I would like to stick close to 50% BV. Everything is negotiable. I ship cards overprotected and try to throw in extras if I get a sense of cards you would like. Small packages cost me ~$2. Depending on how much you buy I may ask you to add $2 for shipping, but I will work with people to eat that cost as often as possible.
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11-26-2012, 04:27 PM
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RE: I'm on break from cards for the holiday
Thanks for letting us know. Happy Holidays!

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