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Who needs cards when you have...
11-23-2012, 11:16 AM
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RE: Who needs cards when you have...
(11-20-2012 06:06 AM)irbecards32 Wrote:  Just checked ended auctions & prices took a nose dive today. Looks like I got eid of mine in time. I ended up selling 16 of 17 so far for $530. 3 people still havnt paid. After shipping, ebay fees & original purchase price my profits were about $300-$320... Wouldve been lower since the perfect size box to ship them in was $3.50 per box, so I took a buncha cardboard slip sheets from work and just made my own boxes... Talk about aLOOOOONG BORRRING pain in the butt!! But it saved me $56 in boxes . lol

Majority of min were bought by people in the UK, the 3 odd places were the island of Cyprus, Singapore & an Ireland address that doesnt consist of any numbers. No house number or zip code. I mailed the girl asking where the numbers were and she said that her town or whatever it is doesnt have numbers. Its just one street with 7 houses... I havnt shipped that one yet so im sure it will be a chore with the dingbats that work at my postoffice haha

I have an uncle in Ireland and that sort of address is not unheard of. Ireland is laid out in a couple cities.and a whole bunch of tiny villages. One place he lived in for awhile, his address was #15 and then the name of the village. The house numbers went up to 42 or so in the entire place.
In other news, I sold a couple more last night. I'm up to 5 8packs for a total of $55.

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