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Who needs cards when you have...
11-17-2012, 08:24 AM
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RE: Who needs cards when you have...
(11-17-2012 08:08 AM)tresise Wrote:  what the? im so confused, is this for real? your selling twinkies? lmao

Yea haha people in the states are going crazy cause Hostess is shutting down monday... Pretty much every store nation wide is wiped out of Twinkies & other hostess products... Do a quick ebay search its pretty hilarous lol... Im hoping my company still has the overstock rack in the back warehouse from this mornings shipment by the time I get to work cause im going to pick up whatevers left. We sell them 2 for $5. If I can pick up 50-100 boxes ill sell em for $10 a box for a nice big profit. These people mad dashing for them will gladly pay $10 if they are already paying $30-$90 a box right now haha

It was pretty funny, I had the same reaction as you when my buddy txt me this info. I went to work, looked at our hostess display and it was completely full (around 4PM cntl time) Txtd him back & said your nuts, our display is full. Checked ebay prices and thought, hmmmm I should clear the shelf out & stash it in the back warehouse. I had to go close down our safe though and figured this only takes 10 mins Ill get em when im done. Came back and all the twinkies were gone LMAO i was like wow, you gotta be kidding me... I found a backstock tray in the back & bought em all...

Tellin ya man, if you see twinkies, buy them, you wont lose money, and if by some chance no one bids, heck you can always eat them haha who doesnt like a twinkie!

See for yourself... This is NOT my listing by the way. No way would I offer next day shipping free of charge except if it was on something like a Ryan Nugnet Hopkins cup/dominion rookie or crown silhouette haha


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