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Who needs cards when you have...
11-17-2012, 01:25 AM
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Who needs cards when you have...
TWINKIES!! haha I put my card selling on hold for awhile while until the Hostess craze dies down. I picked up 17 boxes of Twinkies at the grocery store down the street for $42 and to get a feel for the pricing, I listed 3 with BINs each at $29.99... Sold em within about 10 mins. $90, $48 profit with 14 boxes left to sell. haha even if I get stuck with em, that was quickest profit Ive ever made on a thrown together listing. Time to up the price a tad since these 3 sold so fast at that price...

BTW if you guys happen to stumble apon a box of Hostess Chocodiles (chocolate covered twinkies) BUY them. They are selling for $59-$89 a box.

lol... the things people go nuts over cracks me up. If hostess does shut down, it wont last forever. They will either re-open or be bought by Lil Debbie or Nabisco...I read the company makes 2.8Billion annually, yup they must be really hurting. Remember when Fannie Mae was shutting down forever? How long did that actually last? haha

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Who needs cards when you have... - irbecards32 - 11-17-2012 01:25 AM

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