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How is this fair?
11-09-2012, 12:39 AM
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RE: How is this fair?
its like kurtis blow said- those are the breaks.

[Image: w6CF1RN.png]
Another great banner by jbel4331!

Also collecting Brewers prospects and Hall of Fame autos
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11-09-2012, 03:12 AM
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RE: How is this fair?
You win some, you lose some — buying and selling.

I sold a Miguel Cabrera auto/35 for a whopping $26 back in July, and have regretted it ever since ... but a couple of weeks ago I was trying to trade for a Nick Castellanos Bowman Chrome auto and wasn't getting any takers, so I put a random Kobe Bryant parallel on the bay for a BIN of $34.24 ... and somebody bought it and paid for it within the hour.

This was all on a Friday night while I was stuck at work ... I then bought and paid for a Castellanos with the proceeds from the Kobe card ... the seller was super awesome and shipped it out on Saturday, and I had the Castellanos auto in hand on Monday.

My point is, timing is everything, and it's also completely random at times ... I was able to add a major card to my Tigers PC for a Kobe card that I literally couldn't care less about, all because I randomly listed the Kobe on a night when someone just happened to be looking for it, I guess.

Anyway, like an earlier poster said, you were happy with the card when you bought it, so don't let the other sale ruin it for you.
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