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Help an Aspiring Supercollector!
11-01-2012, 08:32 AM
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Help an Aspiring Supercollector!
Ive been slowly amassing a fairly big Eric Byrnes collection.Now im just filling in the base and inserts, so I really could use all your guys help i dont want to purchase on comc, because I dont find it cost effective. So lmk what you guys have im looking to start with just one year at a time and ake out as many as I can.So lets start with 2010 his last year below is a brief description of what I need, lmk what you collect and ill send you something your interested in.Pm works so do open offers only looking to but if its cheap (hes a low end guy with not a whole lot of costly product anyway) so please please help me out look through those junk boxes and the dupes of your sets.Any help is appreciated.


Topps #166 ; Black, Gold , Platinum, Red Border, target,wal mart
Topps Printing Plates #166; All colors needed
A&G #174; All minis and all mini variations
A&G all mini framed printing plates (all colors needed )
Topps Attax # 23
Tops Team Sets #AR15

This is all need to complete Byrnsie from 2010

Thanks for the lookSmile

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Randy Johnson and Dan Haren Collector
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