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NBA lost their minds / Panini signs new multi-year contract
11-05-2012, 03:27 PM
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RE: NBA lost their minds / Panini signs new multi-year contract
Thank you for the compliments.

It's not necessarily that Beckett is in Panini's pockets or something like that, but more of a business model. Let me see if I can try to explain it.

Beckett exists because of our hobby. Collectors and the manufacturers together make the hobby. If Beckett allows the manufacturers, and other contributors to the hobby, to be "blasted" openly/publicly, this risks their existence. Now, if you look at some articles on Beckett.com, you'll noticed that some of the articles are "TrackBacked" (or something like that, couldn't find a recent example) to other websites. I've seen Panini and Blowoutcards.com do it the most, but there may have been others (like Topps). What this does is post a link on Beckett to their website showing that they have "shared" the Beckett.com article. This is kind of like free advertising for both companies. Well, if Panini (or another manufacturer) sees and article they want to TrackBack, but there are negative comments about them on there, it may keep them from doing so. This is less advertising for both companies.

Panini (and other websites) moderate comments from users and then there are some that don't. Yes, the moderation is for spam purposes as well, but it is more than likely for image purposes more so. If you went to Panini's blog and posted negative comments (not constructive criticism, that's different) in regards to their products, they won't approve them. Your company does better when your company looks better. (I think that's a business model, lol).

However, in reference to the actual comment you're referring to, you would be best to email/PM the editor of the article and ask them why it took so long. I've had a comment sit there for a few days (didn't really count how many, just noticed it wasn't updated for a few days) and then it was put up there exactly as I had posted it. Don't remember if I posted it before the weekend or something, but they don't always get to it (if there's a show, late work, etc.). I don't think (though I admit I could be wrong) that it was done intentionally for financial gains.

I hope all is well, and thanks again for the compliments.

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11-10-2012, 01:06 AM
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RE: NBA lost their minds / Panini signs new multi-year contract
(11-01-2012 01:40 PM)jpleazme805 Wrote:  I am a huge fan of Beckett, ever since I seen my first Beckett Magazine.. I would still be buying a yearly magazine subscription, but it is just too expensive..

If you have an ebay sellers account, Beckett Magazines pay for themselves and then some. I always list mine as soon as they get to my mailbox. I sold the Mike Trout cover Baseball mag for over 17 dollars at auction a few months ago. I was shocked!

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11-10-2012, 06:00 PM
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RE: NBA lost their minds / Panini signs new multi-year contract
I do have an ebay sellers account, but I get hit with way too many sellers fees from both ebay & Paypal... then have to discount the cards way below BV for them to sell... so in the end, most my cards sell fare below 1/2 BV... I pay for the OPG, which benefits me more, but I been thinking about discontinuing it next month when my subscription runs out..

I will not be buying that many cards in the near future.. I've become tired of the hobby & have taken a $25-30K pay cut when I got out of the Navy last year.. I no longer have the excess funds to support my cardboard addiction... & I do not dare touch my credit cards again!! all that interest adds up very quickly...

I had a buyer on ebay that spent over $5K in two months... the two cards he bought from me (total around $100) was paid, I shipped them next day... but then three days later, the bank took the money back... because he was overdrafted on his credit card... sucks for him!! because he has to pay fees.. but it was a hassle for me, because I now had to scan the shipping label & receipt I got from the Post Office & forward them to ebay... even though ebay already had the tracking number on file... & it showed the cards were delivered... so in the end. I got my money back.... & the buyer was more likely charged over draft fees & his APR might be going up in the next 60 days or so... I feel sorry for him, but he should of known better.... don't they teach kids about credit cards at school.. this guy was in college...

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