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Entire Collection FS
10-30-2012, 12:01 AM
Post: #21
RE: Entire Collection FS
I'd interested in any and all of them. Let me know the prices of them individually and a price for everything.

(10-23-2012 12:17 PM)sconnienation3 Wrote:  Yes, a sad day indeed. But necessary. I am working on getting prices listed for everything, but have started with the bigger ones...Send offers. Thanks.

A sampling...
[Image: w-wilson12elbk.jpg][Image: w-wilson12tpin.jpg]
[Image: w-wilson12ffblRED.jpg][Image: w-wilson12ffred.jpg]
[Image: apbradsims10exq.jpg][Image: g-cobb12gs.jpg]
[Image: n-canadeo09cl.jpg][Image: n-cobb11ltd.jpg]
[Image: cunningham11gg.jpg][Image: g-cobb11cr.jpg]

[Image: g-flutie11nt.jpg][Image: freeman09spa.jpg]
[Image: n-faulk11cert.jpg][Image: favre09ggf.jpg]
[Image: gabbert11cert.jpg][Image: g-gifford08cert.jpg]
[Image: gonzT.jpg][Image: gorewayne10spa.jpg]
[Image: g-griffin12ff.jpg][Image: green11tt.jpg]
[Image: g-khrj11exq_zpseae700c2.jpg]
[Image: n-jennings07exq.jpg][Image: 11cningram.jpg]
[Image: n-jones11leaf.jpg][Image: lambJ.jpg]
[Image: g-montana81tp.jpg][Image: g-namath115s.jpg]
[Image: n-reed10cert.jpg][Image: ponder11cert.jpg]
[Image: roeth10certf.jpg]
[Image: okoye10ss.jpg][Image: ryanM.jpg]
[Image: n-sharpe08mayo.jpg][Image: n-taylor10epix.jpg]
[Image: starr10cn.jpg][Image: thurmannt.jpg]

Plus lots and lots of lower-end stuff in my Org/bucket. Please help me out. Thanks.
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10-30-2012, 12:16 PM
Post: #22
RE: Entire Collection FS
im in the same thought process.. im eventually going to get rid of every auto i have outside the QB position... im only been interested in the QB autos and a few PC projects and the others are just taking up space and could go well into someone elses collection. Nonetheless id love a price on that freeman sp authentic and the griffin paydirt.. thanks alot!

[Image: TT8dhuE.png]
Collecting Terrell Owens,Tom Brady,Peyton Manning, Josh Hamilton, Alex Smith
If you don't have any HIGH end cards, please don't try to acquire one of mine. Thank you.
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