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(10-16-2012, 01:40 AM)nineof Wrote: Not sure what a BCCG 10 would grade for as a BGS, all I know is that BCCG is a joke. I have no idea who actually uses that service. Adds nothing to value. Would pay exactly the same amount for a raw card as I would a BCCG 10. The services have completely different grading standards.

Beckett Grading Services Beckett Collector Club Grading what is it and how does it work ?

BCCG is a subsidiary of Beckett Grading Services so the same standards given to any card at beckett is given to BCCG graded cards so when you hear they are in inferior grading service it is a false statement and the information given by whomever is telling you this is either misinformed or just unhappy that they can not be successful selling cards themselves.

A simple search of the Beckett Grading web site states the following information :

“BCCG-graded cards (Beckett Collectors Club Grading) are completely separate and vastly different from the premium BGS- or BVG-graded cards. We can assure you that the same consummate care in handling is followed and consistent industry-leading quality of grading is applied to each and every card. As a result, BCCG-graded cards provide an eye-catching secondary market alternative to other graded card products, reaching a wider audience of fans and collectors. It features a modified numerical grading scale, with each level representing a range of standard conditions (Mint or better, Near mint or better, Excellent or better, etc.).

Furthermore, BCCG-graded cards are perfect for beginning or veteran collectors. Cards of a wide variety of star players are available in BCCG slabs. BCCG-graded cards are a perfect fit for the new collector who wants to be sure he's getting an excellent product from a trusted hobby source.

We also understand the importance of protecting your cards. Every BCCG-graded card is sealed and protected in a superior clear plastic holder whose design is based on the top-quality Beckett Grading Services (BGS) holder. Each holder features a white BCCG label with assigned grade, card serial number and precise card description obtained directly from Beckett's all-inclusive online database of sports cards. A fast and easy BCCG Card Lookup is available for card verification at the No. 1 online source for card collecting products, services and information BCCG has several different characteristics when compared to our BGS/BVG services. The BCCG service does not offer the four category (corners, centering, edges, and surface) break down on the backs of each of the cards. The BCCG service also does not have the half point grading scale which you see in the regular grading services - it is a more simplified grading scale that offers whole point grades only.

The cases for BCCG cards are thinner than the BGS/BVG cases and there is no inner sleeve in which the card placed in before being inserted into the holder. Please be assured that our regular graders do grade all BCCG cards so you will be getting a professional Beckett Grading Services opinion from a qualified Beckett grader.”

These statements above are actual facts not a made up eBay reviewer or random message board conversation of someones idea of what BCCG should be.

Why grade BCCG when you have the BGS option. BCCG is a slightly thinner holder and it only requires a single numerical grade unlike BGS so both turn around and time and value of money are taken into account for dealers and collector’s.

If a big dealer was sending in 400 cards to BCCG he could get them back in less than half the time it takes to get their items to market quicker and more cash in their pocket benefiting both the dealer and the collector who wants a nice mint card in a 10 holder. At the same time if the collector has the patience they can send the card in for BGS review and most likely get a BGS 9 or 9.5 in return that is usually worth much more than the BCCG 10 card that they purchased.

What makes BCCG different from BGS/PSA is that they have no GEM MINT category on the holders there best possible grade is Mint better or in other words with the other two mainstream companies that means you will be receiving a card guaranteed to be at the least 1.5 points lower at worse with the possibility of a higher grad usually ending up in a significant profit to the buyer. That means your BCCG 10 Greg Maddux Rookie could range from a strong sub grade BGS 8.5 to BGS 10 Pristine not two grades lower every single time as some people mention on individual reviews on eBay any other review or comment on this product are blatant lies as they were probably angry with Beckett Grading Services at some point .

Beckett Collector Club Grading / BCCG Grading Scale compared to BGS Grading.

BCCG 10 – (BGS high 8.5 to BGS 10) – Mint or Better
BCCG 9 – (BGS 7 – BGS Low 8.5) – Near Mint or Better
BCCG 8 – (BGS 5 – BGS 6.5) – Excellent of Better
BCCG 7 – (BGS 3 – BGS 4.5) Very Good or Better
BCCG 6 – (BGS 2 – BGS 2.5) Good or Better
BCCG 5 – (BGS 1 – BGS 1.5) Poor or Better
(no altered or trimmed cards BGS/BCCG will not slab those unless it is labeled on the actual holder)
With the inception of BCCG in the early 2000’s it was able to shut down most low end run out of someones basement grading services because of the advertisement to the masses and ability to offer a product to a wider audience that would want and still be able to pay a fair price knowing they are receiving a quality Beckett Grading Services product. This is one of the main reasons for the unreasonable hatred and false statements that are commonly seen on eBay boards and other sports collector web sites as it is usually someone who was indirectly affected or just has no idea what they are talking about.

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