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New pick-ups and 90's MJ's
10-12-2012, 01:55 AM
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RE: New pick-ups and 90's MJ's
awesome cards.. love how they look in the onetouch cases... I been wanting to move some of my MJ's & a few other inserts into onetouch cases.. but haven't got around to it... I bought about 50 onetouch cases for cheap at the beginning of the year.. Been wanting to put some of my old cards in them, & get ride of the screw down cases...

Do you put your onetouch cases into teambags or store them as is..??

I hate when the card holders get scratched.. so I put them all in teambags... since the regular teambags don't fit around the onetouch holders, I put a small piece of tape at the top to secure the holder shut & then make a little flap so I can easily remove it later down the road if needed...

I don't like the BGS/PSA plastic sleeves.. because the edges on the side seem to be too big.. & don't make them fit right (in my opinion) in the cardboard shoe boxes that I have.. all my cards that are in holders are placed in shoe boxes.. I even have a few complete sets where all the cards are in toploaders.. I have a few more sets I have to do.. I got the first two finest sets in individual toploaders, because I did not like them sticking together when in a cardboard box holding the set or in the plastic box cases...

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