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An eBay experience I just want to share
10-11-2012, 03:25 PM
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RE: An eBay experience I just want to share
(10-11-2012 12:20 PM)joe callahan13 Wrote:  He didn't cost any seller's time. The seller screwed him over. Why should he let it go because other buyers waste other seller's time?

Ok, I guess I am the only one then. I would have left a negative for sure. If you offer to sell me something, I pay you, and you don't follow through.... yeah, you're getting a negative feedback. Maybe he has a logical explanation, in which case I would retract my feedback. But if you don't follow through on your end and then ignore me on top of it, you better believe I am going to leave a negative. If you waste my time and I effectively give you a 30 day interest free loan and ignore me, I guarantee you that feedback rating isn't going to be perfect any more.
Joe- I agree in what your saying but my point was that if he knew nothing of the sellers situation why waste your time? As a once upon a time seller people like yourself who pay fast are much appreciated and sholud expect fast delivery and service ,but if a Seller has good feedback and then just dissapears, then somethings wrong. Just move on.

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