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Latest Jaromir Jagr & New York Rangers pickups, with a Top 3
10-09-2012, 06:50 PM
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Latest Jaromir Jagr & New York Rangers pickups, with a Top 3
Hi, everybody!

Did a big deal with a fellow Jagr collector(Thanks, Mike!), who is quiting the hobby. I did get some of the older Jagrs that Ive missed, my main focus all the way has been cards from 90-91 to 96-97, and I now need only 42 from those years. So I guess its time to start with the 97-98 season soon. So Ive added more than average of Jagr the last 2 weeks, with Artifacts, Prime, The Cup and Dominion out, my wallet is hurting. But Im over halfway from 1800 to 1900, so Im getting somewhere. I also added a few cards for more NY Rangers project( 1 Vertical base, mem and auto of each player, all-time).

If you want to see my whole Jagr PC, please visit my website; http://jags16.weebly.com/
And if you have a Jagr or 100 I may need, please send me a PM. THANKS!

New York Rangers pickups;

[Image: 2002-03ParkhurstReprints162EdKullman.jpg][Image: 2007-08O-Pee-Chee328ColtonOrr.jpg][Image: 2007-08O-Pee-Chee333RyanHollweg.jpg][Image: 2009-10O-Pee-Chee396LauriKorpikoski.jpg][Image: 2010-11ITGEnshrined71EdgarLaprade.jpg][Image: 2012-13Score317CarlHagelin.jpg][Image: 1991-92StadiumClub151JanErixon.jpg][Image: 2010-11Score581BryanMcCabe.jpg][Image: 1993-94Pinnacle279EsaTikkanen.jpg][Image: 1993-94Pinnacle331PhilBourque.jpg][Image: 1990-91O-Pee-Chee13BernieNicholls.jpg][Image: 1990-91UpperDeck11TroyMallette.jpg][Image: 1984-85Topps108PierreLaroucheSP.jpg][Image: 1993-94Pinnacle355DougLidster.jpg][Image: 2007-08O-Pee-Chee327BlairBetts.jpg]

[Image: 2001-02PrivateStockGameGearPatches66.jpg]

[Image: 1996-97BeAPlayerAutographs9DarrenLangdon.jpg][Image: 1997-98BeAPlayerAutographs208DougLidster.jpg][Image: 2009-10BeAPlayerSignaturesSCDChrisDrury.jpg][Image: 2009-10BeAPlayerSignaturesSGIMattGilroy.jpg][Image: 2009-10BeAPlayerSignaturesSAVAaronVoros.jpg][Image: 2001-02GreatsoftheGameAutographs26UlfNilsson.jpg][Image: 2006-07ParkhurstAutographs32HarryHowell.jpg][Image: 2006-07ParkhurstAutographs78BrianMullen.jpg][Image: 2006-07ParkhurstAutographs107ReijoRuotsalainen.jpg][Image: 2006-07ParkhurstAutographs12BarryBeck.jpg]

Jaromir Jagr pickups.

1993-94 Stadium Club All-Stars Members Only #4 /B.Hull
[Image: 1993-94StadiumClubAll-StarsMembersOnly4BHull.jpg]

1995-96 Hoyle Eastern Playing Cards #32
[Image: 1995-96HoyleEasternPlayingCards32.jpg]

1995-96 Penguins Foodland #5
[Image: 1995-96PenguinsFoodland5.jpg]

1995-96 Pinnacle Artists Proofs #11
[Image: 1995-96PinnacleArtistsProofs11.jpg]

1996 Sports Illustrated For Kids II #525
[Image: 1996SportsIllustratedForKidsII525.jpg]

1996-97 Hockey Greats Coins Gold #11
[Image: 1996-97HockeyGreatsCoinsGold11.jpg]

1996-97 Playoff One on One #433 UR (This is really nice, and those usually goes for a high price)

[Image: 1996-97PlayoffOneonOne433UR.jpg]

1998-99 Upper Deck Generation Next #GN22 /Robert Dome
[Image: 1998-99UpperDeckGenerationNextGN22RobertDome.jpg]

[B]1999 Sports Illustrated For Kids II #765[/B]
[Image: 1999SportsIllustratedForKidsII765.jpg]

1999-00 Pacific Dynagon Ice 2000 All-Star Preview #16
[Image: 1999-00PacificDynagonIce2000All-StarPreview16.jpg]

1999-00 Pacific Dynagon Ice Copper #159, 15/99
[Image: 1999-00PacificDynagonIceCopper159.jpg]

2000-01 Upper Deck Vintage #296 /J.S.Aubin
[Image: 2000-01UpperDeckVintage296JSAubin.jpg]

2003-04 BAP Memorabilia All-Star Staring Lineup #5, 1 of 60, 2003 NHL All-Star Game Jersey (First Ive seen)
[Image: 2003-04BAPMemorabiliaAll-StarStaringLineup5.jpg]

2006-07 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Jerseys #14, 25/25, Rangers Jersey (Cant get enough of ITG Ult., really like that is says which team the jersey is from)
[Image: 2006-07ITGUltimateMemorabiliaJerseys14.jpg]

2007-08 Artifacts Silver #127, 29/100
[Image: 2007-08ArtifactsSilver127.jpg]

2007-08 Ultra Ice Medallion #67, 18/100
[Image: 2007-08UltraIceMedallion67.jpg]

2007-08 OPC Premier Rare Remnants Triples #PTJHE Dominik Hasek/Patrik Elias, 16/50 (Cool card of three legends, and Hasek announced that he finally retires today)
[Image: 2007-08OPCPremierRareRemnantsTriplesPTJH...kElias.jpg]

2007-08 The Cup Gold Jerseys #35, 6/25 (These dont pop up that often)
[Image: 2007-08TheCupGoldJerseys35.jpg]

2011-12 Pinnacle Rink Collection #68
[Image: 2011-12PinnacleRinkCollection68.jpg]

2011-12 Titanium Spectrum Ruby #38, 31/99
[Image: 2011-12TitaniumSpectrumRuby38.jpg]

And my Jaromir Jagr Top 3;

2011-12 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Dual Patches #UDJJF /Ron Francis, 14/25, (Awesome patches on the Ronnie Franchise)
[Image: 2011-12UltimateCollectionUltimateDualPat...rancis.jpg]

2007-08 The Cup Jerseys Trios #CJ3VJH Tomas Vokoun/Dominik Hasek, 12/15 (Dont pop up at all, Hasek again, Dominator, A Legend)
[Image: 2007-08TheCupJerseysTriosCJ3VJHTomasVoko...kHasek.jpg]

2011-12 Prime Namesakes Autographed #100, 25/25 ( Cards says it all, and I got it for a "nice" price compared to others)
[Image: 2011-12PrimeNamesakesAutographed100.jpg]

Thanks for the look!

Collecting All Jaromir Jagr Cards
Jagr Collection; http://jags16.weebly.com
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10-10-2012, 06:16 AM
Post: #2
RE: Latest Jaromir Jagr & New York Rangers pickups, with a Top 3
Awesome stuff, Christian! A huge congrats on the great Top 3!

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