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are you watching? FLEER RETRO MJ JAMBALAYA 1/1 AUTO
10-17-2012, 08:17 PM
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RE: are you watching? FLEER RETRO MJ JAMBALAYA 1/1 AUTO
I'm not against it, but if the buyer is lying about a card to get it for a cheaper price.. saying it is for their PC.. then they turn around & try to flip it.. it gets me upset..

because I would go lower on some of my cards or trade in their favor, if they were a true collector... most collectors lose a lot of money when they buy boxes/packs.. they try to recoup some of the money to buy more cards.. I do not buy cards or boxes for profit. I am in it for the love of the collecting sport.. I get a few emails every day asking to drop the prices of my cards.. a majority of the time, I will drop the price or cut a deal for a fellow collector...

I sold one of my Ultimate 06-07 signature sets & actually lost money on it.. I sold it knowing the buyer is going to break the set & try to make an $800+ profit.. The guy is still having problems selling some of the cards.. because everybody wants to buy way below 1/2 BV or SV..

Everybody is trying to come up with quick cash when buying/selling cards... it's human nature to try to make money... but lying to get cards for cheap is unethical...

I've had one person say they wanted a card for their husband's birthday.. well, the ebay ID, email & name on paypal account goes to a guy.. the email is attached to the guy's facebook account.. which says the person is single.. he is also 17 years old according to the birthday on his FB page..

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RE: are you watching? FLEER RETRO MJ JAMBALAYA 1/1 AUTO - jpleazme805 - 10-17-2012 08:17 PM

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