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are you watching? FLEER RETRO MJ JAMBALAYA 1/1 AUTO
10-15-2012, 08:42 PM
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RE: are you watching? FLEER RETRO MJ JAMBALAYA 1/1 AUTO
I got to read that story.. I haven't been looking at the homepage stories this week...

I hate it when non-serious bidders bid just to mess with people...... or they try to deceive collectors/sellers with false information... I been talking to somebody about my 06-07 Jambalaya MJ today.. guy says he wants to buy outside ebay.. I tell him I still get charged paypal fees no matter what.. so he says I am saving money, because ebay/paypal fees combined is 18%... but only paypal fees is 2.9%... I think I got charged more than that for a $1,620 transaction a couple months ago..
Same guy says he is bidding on the 97/98 Jambalaya MJ right now.. but I do not see his Ebay ID.. Yes, I know you can't see the ID's, but I checked using his feedback transaction number... which nothing, even close shows up..... he said he already bid on it, but the facts says he hasn't.. he is just trying to talk me into going lower on my buy now price...
It's ok to try & wheel & deal.. but a better excuse is, "hey, I don't have that much money.. but if you want to sell it now, I can afford this amount.... _____." That would work a lot better than saying, I have so much money that I am bidding on high dollar cards, but I want to buy yours for real cheap, so I can grade it & flip it...

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RE: are you watching? FLEER RETRO MJ JAMBALAYA 1/1 AUTO - jpleazme805 - 10-15-2012 08:42 PM

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