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are you watching? FLEER RETRO MJ JAMBALAYA 1/1 AUTO
10-09-2012, 06:32 PM
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Smile are you watching? FLEER RETRO MJ JAMBALAYA 1/1 AUTO
Anybody watching the Fleer RETRO buyback autos?

The Jambalaya 97-98 buyback auto 1/1 is at $24,099...
The overseas collector is going to be rich, if the buyer actually pays...
Top bidder only has 3 bids in last 30 days, with two of them being on the MJ 1/1...

also, have you noticed that some ebay people create fake status? I noticed this in the last few days.. one seller with a few thousand transactions had about 14-20 feedback transactions recorded, but they all said "sell cancelled" .... huh? .... I would think that if a sell was cancelled, then Ebay would delete the feedback fro that transaction automatically, especially, if no money was exchanged... don't make since...

I also noticed a few ebay power sellers have 2-3 user id's... a couple for their buying, then one with 10,000+ transactions with no buys, only sells....
now, I was able to link 2 of 3 user id's together being the same people... they use one 2 ID's for buying... they try to talk sellers into selling cheap or offline, then they turn around & sell the cards using their super Ebay Power account... anybody else notice this? I have had a couple sellers do that to me in the past... I sell them a card under my asking price through ebay, they turn around & try to sell it for a higher amount down the road on a different user ID... I know it's the same person.. it is not that hard to connect two ebay ID's together.. especially when they use the same address... same city is still questionable, but solid info, unlike the exact same address...

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are you watching? FLEER RETRO MJ JAMBALAYA 1/1 AUTO - jpleazme805 - 10-09-2012 06:32 PM

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