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Selling question....
10-03-2012, 01:26 PM
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RE: Selling question....
(10-03-2012 12:56 PM)branesergen Wrote:  I would - But I never trust rookies their rookie year. Its a pop 1 now but nothing to say it wont be a pop 5 later. Plus In 3 or 4 years you can probably get it back for half - whereas it wont reach the same value for another 5-7 years if he continues to be good. Onyl way it goes up past this year is if he wins the superbowl this year or the next 2 years in a row. No rookie matches rookie year hype until a good 4-7 years of a good solid career. I've pulled 2 Luck autos so far this year and both werent in my hands no longer than a day before they were traded for MAnning autos lol All of this is of course just my opinion Smile

I think youre spot on for most players....however gronks cards were cheap for his rookie season and half of his 2nd season...but ever since he set records his cards have been at all time high.....they will probably never be more then what they were during that time and that was within 2 seasons. So if RG3 sets some records next year id say his card would be worth even more then this year...he wont have to win the Super Bowl. For the most part you are right though....you will get the most for a card right after the card releases. I would sell the card but i think you can get more then $750 for it


Rob Gronkowski RC collection 34/36 Any help is appreciated!

[Image: GronkBanner2.jpg]
Thanks to jkiddlridnour for making the banner! Smile
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