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What happened to this forum?
10-10-2012, 09:04 PM
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RE: What happened to this forum?
Maybe 'recruited' wasn't the right word to use, but every regular on this forum knows about the 'other site'. Many found out through PM's from other members here (like myself). Some just never ( or rarely ) return here after joining over there. I explained why I don't go there much anymore in a previous post.
When I could afford to buy boxes on a regular basis, I was just as active there as I was here. This year I have spent less time on either site than I normally would. There are chunks of time that I was completely gone from here too, especially since May.
I prefer this site for 2 reasons. One is the Organize and the other is the fact that I collect 3 sports and have cards from several sports as well as many non-sports stuff.
I'm not trying to get into an argument or make anyone mad or upset. I was just wondering why it slowed down so quickly.

Always looking for: Ozzie Smith/Stan Musial/Lou Brock/STL Cardinals, NFL-CAR/GB/NE and NASCAR-Jimmie Johnson/Mark Martin
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