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What happened to this forum?
10-09-2012, 02:56 PM
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RE: What happened to this forum?
(10-06-2012 09:16 PM)spazmatastic Wrote:  I disagree. This forum was more active in the Spring and Summer than it had been in years. Now it's died off again. Seems everyone gets recruited to NUTS and mostly stops coming here on a regular basis.
where do you get this information that they are being "RECRUITED" I know I havent mentioned any other site since being an admin here. I told them up front I would not do it and have stayed to my word. So whos doing the recruiting.

The simple answer is no one.

I do the approvals over there and the majority of new applicants arrive from you tube or the press pass facebook page. I have only had one applicant mention beckett at all and it was his screen name from yet another site.

you yourself have not been there in over four months so you know they are being recruited how. i have deleted over 50 members in the past four months and approved less than 20 none from beckett.

its easy to blame somewhere else for the lack of activity here but its just not true.

In the spring/summer if you really look at the activty it wasnt as busy as you remember. Some days didnt have a post and the ones that did a lot of times it was still the same 4 people talking to each other.

Hobby activity has decreased across the board and when you start with fewer than 10 members it doesnt take long to be dead again.

So instead of assuming that the members are being recruited maybe another look needs to be made to why they leave.

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