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I think i bought a fake auto :(
09-28-2012, 07:19 PM (This post was last modified: 09-28-2012 07:28 PM by dow714.)
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RE: I think i bought a fake auto :(
(09-28-2012 06:57 PM)all day baby Wrote:  Ok, so you think it is fake... How are you going to prove it, and to whom are you going to show that proof? The back of the card says he signed that card. I don't see how you are going to get your money back from the seller, and I believe Panini will just laugh.

I think you are stuck with it, so you either live with YOUR belief that it is fake, OR... you listen to everyone here and believe it IS his signature, but just a crappy one on this card.

On a side note... Why do you consistently do this in all your posts? You ask for our opinions, then poo-poo our opinions and keep restating yours. I gave you an opinion in a different thread you started, but you totally disregarded what I said, and actually argued with me about my opinion. You are doing it here with everyone who has posted. Someone makes a comment, you immediately post a differing opinion. I understand you might not agree with some opinions, but jeez... let people try and help without you constantly shooting down their efforts. Sorry for the rant, but it has bothered me for a long time. The members here know what they are talking about, but you refuse their help, even after asking for it. I won't be helping you again.

Sorry bud...coulda brought this to my attention via PM...some people like to make a scene though. Anyhow was just looking for more evidence besides the obvious idea that he signed a lot of cards.....i know he signed a ton of cards however most logical thinking would say that this would have happened on more then one card if it was due to fatigue. Also i have no intentions on trying to get my money back or contacting panini...i believe that if this is indeed a fake....then its my own fault for buying it and will probably have no way of ever proving it. I posted this thread so others could see the card and if they have seen another like it let me know. Also if they think there is another reason for it looking so different. If someone has an opinion and i dont agree with it and then state it....there is no need to take it personally it doesnt bother me in the least that someone thinks the card is legit and it doesnt upset me at all that they feel differently then me. I can have a conversation and dispute my opinion without getting butt hurt about it. Unfortunately it doesnt sound like you can have a discussion in which someone disagrees with you and not get upset about it. If that is the case then please feel free to not post in my threads. It will not hurt my feelings. Also next time you have a problem with me try and have a little decency and PM me about it rather then making a scene on the boards....i would do the same.

Also you say that i should listen to "everyone" here that thinks it is his auto....last i checked just as many people said it seemed fishy as said it was legit.


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