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fs...$2.50 each or 5/$10 rc;sp;auto;g/u;etc new items added 9/27-63 scans total
09-27-2012, 07:26 PM (This post was last modified: 09-27-2012 07:33 PM by amysb4212.)
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fs...$2.50 each or 5/$10 rc;sp;auto;g/u;etc new items added 9/27-63 scans total
There seems to be a lot of confusion with my previous thread. I have decided to make two different threads; hopefully this is more clear.

Hello, all. I have the following cards up for sale. All are in my organize and the system will be used for each sale. This sale is Paypal only. Orders under $20, please add $2 s/h. Orders $20 and over ship free. All orders will ship in bubble mailer(or box) and will include DC. Thanks.

[Image: CCF09272012_00056.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00055.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00054.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00053.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00052.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00051.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00050.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00049.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00048.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00047.jpg]

[Image: CCF09272012_00046.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00045.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00044.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00043.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00042.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00041.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00040.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00039.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00038.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00037.jpg]

[Image: CCF09272012_00036.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00035.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00034.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00033.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00032.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00031.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00030.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00029.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00028.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00027.jpg]

[Image: CCF09272012_00026.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00025.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00024.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00023.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00022.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00021.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00020.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00019.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00018.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00017.jpg]

[Image: CCF09272012_00016.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00015.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00014.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00013.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00012.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00011.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00010.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00009.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00008.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00007.jpg]

[Image: CCF09272012_00006.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00005.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00004.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00003.jpg]
[Image: CCF09272012_00002.jpg]
[Image: CCF09082012_00010.jpg]
[Image: CCF09082012_00012.jpg]
[Image: CCF09082012_00015.jpg]
[Image: CCF09082012_00044.jpg]
[Image: CCF09082012_00038.jpg]

[Image: CCF08292012_00001.jpg]
[Image: CCF08292012_00006.jpg]
[Image: CCF08292012_00002.jpg]

I collect Jackie Robinson, Dee Gordon, Daniel Nava.
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fs...$2.50 each or 5/$10 rc;sp;auto;g/u;etc new items added 9/27-63 scans total - amysb4212 - 09-27-2012 07:26 PM

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