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Kendall Marshall Supercollection (SCANS added to last page 10/17/14)
09-28-2013, 08:29 PM (This post was last modified: 09-28-2013 08:43 PM by thepointguard_10.)
Post: #104
RE: Kendall Marshall Supercollection (SCANS added 6/25/13)
HUGE Update!!!!! I re-discovered COMC for a great avenue to add to my Kendall collection, for most base/inserts/parallels I think it will be helpful.

Without further ado:

Select Jersey Auto /249
[Image: KendallMarshallSelect281JerseyAutoRCedto...7daaf9.jpg]

Select Prizms Jersey Auto /199
[Image: KendallMarshallSelect281PrizmsJerseyAuto...6372c7.jpg]

Limited Auto /349
[Image: KendallMarshallLimitedBaseAutoRCedto349_zpsbd9a9851.jpg]

Innovation Auto
[Image: KendallMarshallInnovationRookieAuto46_zps051d159a.jpg]

Retro Ultra Fresh Ink Auto
[Image: KendallMarshallRetroUltraFreshInkAuto_zpsd38b8b41.jpg]

Retro Rookie Sensations Auto
[Image: KendallMarshallRetroRookieSensationsAuto...ade9ce.jpg]

Momentum Drive Parallel /49
[Image: KendallMarshallMomentumDriveedto49_zps34f1ddab.jpg]

SP Authentic F/X Base
[Image: KendallMarshallSPAuthenticFXBase_zps9d3d2633.jpg]

SP Authentic Canvas Collection
[Image: KendallMarshallSPAuthenticCanvasCollecti...fa4456.jpg]

Select White Hot Rookies
[Image: KendallMarshallSelectWhiteHotRookies_zpsab8ff465.jpg]
Select Hot Rookies
[Image: KendallMarshallSelectHotRookies_zps127d7eb3.jpg]

Retro Ultra Parallel
[Image: KendallMarshallRetroUltraParallel_zps450b16d2.jpg]

Retro Rookie Sensations
[Image: KendallMarshallRetroRookieSensations_zps51149696.jpg]

Panini Gold Knight
[Image: KendallMarshallPaniniGoldKnight_zps1b177a28.jpg]

Retro Lucky 13 Insert
[Image: KendallMarshallRetroLucky13Insert_zps8d95393a.jpg]

Marquee Rookie Signatures Auto
[Image: KendallMarshallMarqueeRookieSignaturesAu...55137d.jpg]

Marquee Base RC #458
[Image: KendallMarshallMarquee458BaseRC_zpsb1e6b1ae.jpg]

This was a HUGE one: Leaf Ultimate Red Auto /5
[Image: KendallMarshallLeafUltimateRedAutoedto5_zpsb08d7ab7.jpg]

Goodwin Champions Base
[Image: KendallMarshallGoodwinChampionsBase_zps11c775da.jpg]

Elite Series Rookie Inscriptions Auto
[Image: KendallMarshallEliteSeriesRookieInscript...e0fc2e.jpg]

Crusade Red Parallel /99
[Image: KendallMarshallCrusadeRedParalleledto99_zps2b5cfb19.jpg]

Crusade Blue Parallel
[Image: KendallMarshallCrusadeBlueParallel_zps20120fe1.jpg]

Contenders Base RC Auto
[Image: KendallMarshallContendersBaseAutoRC_zpscf52005e.jpg]

SP Authentic Jordan Brand Classic Jersey JBC-MA
[Image: KendallMarshallSPAuthenticJordanBrandCla...4424a9.jpg]

Brilliance Brilliant Beginnings Auto
[Image: KendallMarshallBrillianceBrilliantBeginn...ac4f96.jpg]

Absolute RC Auto
[Image: KendallMarshallAbsoluteRCAuto_zps989761c0.jpg]

My Website: thepointguard.weebly.com
Also Collecting: Five Star Autos, '50s Topps Sets
Current Top Wants: '15 Chipper Jones & Other Five Star Autos
[Image: PGBanner_zps899b0bff.jpg]
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